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Retail Bank Marketing

No-Risk HELOC/Home Equity Loan Acquisition Marketing Strategies for Retail Banks

The CORE has a very compelling no-risk offer to increase and grow the number of HELOC loans your bank generates. The CORE has developed a very strong understanding of the HELOC market place and has brought to market a 'no-risk' loan program.

What does this program offer?

  1. The CORE will cover all marketing expenses
  2. The CORE will cross sell your customer base HELOC
  3. You pay only for booked HELOC loans
  4. Many of the banks we work with today are accounting for these loans as an acquisition expense and not a marketing expense (though you will want to confirm your banks specific account situation)
We can develop a no-risk program for your bank, a very simple test trial and prove the validity of our program in as little as 90 days.